Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snow Day Calculator! Snow Day Freebie!

The Snow Day Calculator redeemed itself this morning! It has been WRONG  about 100% of the time until...Today! I am thrilled to tell you that  I have a Snow Day. I think it is more about the frigid air than the snow. The temperature is hovering just above zero  and there really isn't that much snow out there. So, here I am with the whole day ahead of me. I've had my second cup of coffee and I'm going to sit here watch birds and read all day. I'm about to shut off my computer and bake cookies, put together a puzzle and get reacquainted with the laundry equipment. It is going to be a great day!

Before I go I want to share the activity that my students worked on yesterday during the Daily Five. This was in the Word Work Station. I read The Snowy Day before letting them get down to work. They loved the book and I put it in the Read With a Partner Couch Box. I'm always excited when I see partners EEKK up together with a book I've just read to them. Don't you agree that re-reads are important for first grade owlets?! I hope you might be able to use this FREEBIE in your class, too!

One other thing.  I just got a sweet Circus packet from a new friend of mine. I especially love the Peanuts for Sale Place Value section. Maria is new to blogging, so go show her how friendly we all are! I wish it wasn't a Snow Day so I could be at school right now sharing the fun, but here's always tomorrow...


  1. Whatever. It was a total fail for me. We didn't get one single flake after 99% chance of snow day. I fully blame YOU!

    First in Maine

  2. So very jealous of your snow day!!! Maybe one day this year....... :)
    LOVE the quote and thanks for the freebie!!! Off to visit your new friend!

    Warm hugs!


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