Monday, January 7, 2013

Best Day Ever and a Linky

I love this Emerson quote...

"This is the best day ever!"
Do you have a student who says that every day?! I never get tired of hearing her say it! I hope those positive vibes stay with her all her life! The excitement in the room today was wonderful. My classroom family was so happy to see each other and it didn't take long for them to get reacquainted with me and each other. A couple of times during the day I longed for my PJ pants and book, but I was as happy to see my owlets as they were to see me. I feel so blessed to be a part of these children's lives!

We spent the whole morning in anticipation of "midnight". This was the beginning of our math unit on time and calendar. We've been doing time and calendar daily, so we'll fly through the curriculum! Anyway, at midnight(11:00 am!) we dropped our balls and watched them bounce around the room! We used our noise makers and welcomed in 2013 with joy!

I was filled with lots of inspiration from my blog hopping over the Christmas Vacation. With all that inspiration I could hardly wait to get back to the classroom, so I wanted to link up with Growing Firsties and Teacher to the Core for this great linky...

I have to give a shout out to Mrs. Carroll from The First Grade Parade. She has a packet on TPT full of FREE New Year games and activities. I wish we had more time in the day, so I could actually finish everything I plan for a day!  Her blog is full of ideas that I have enjoyed reading about and pinning. She has over 6,000 more followers than I do! You probably already follower her! Check out what she's up to these days!

A blogger who I would vote for sitting down and having a cup of coffee with is Kimberly. She has a couple followers less than I do, but will soon have more. She's funny. She's smart. She's real. She says what she thinks and she has big thoughts! Her blog is one I check daily for inspiration. I know that someday she'll have a book published and I will be first in line to get it signed. You see, that's why I love her blog, because I love her style of writing. Follow her journey at

Want to link up? The rules are simple and it's a fun way to let others know you are thinking of them! Here are the rules:
This Linky Party has 3 components:

1. Link a post where you have given two shout outs to two bloggers that have inspired you. One blogger with fewer followers and one  with more followers than you. This seems obvious, but please make sure you give links to those inspiring posts/blogs so others can be inspired, too!

2. Please let the two bloggers you are shouting out know that you're doing so. Leave a comment on their blog - maybe on the post that inspired you or on their post dated closest to when you link up. They'll most likely want to know what it was that inspired you to give 

them a shout out. :)

3. We love Farley's "Rule of Three" which means that once you link up, please comment on the posts of the two previous bloggers that linked. Then, come back later and comment on the post of the blogger after your link.


  1. Hi Jenny! Thanks so much for linking up! Love your picks and am heading over to First in Maine to check her out! Smiles - Lisa

  2. Having a school New Year's countdown sounds like a lot of fun. I'm putting that idea away for next year. I will have to check out the First Grade Parade; I second your motion that Kimberly would be a great person to sit down and have coffee with. I am going to have to plan a road trip to Maine (I live on the west coast - next stop Japan) to go and visit and hang out.

    rubberboots and elf shoes

  3. Oh what a lovely idea having a countdown to "midnight" . It doesn't take much to imagine how happy your kids must have been to do that! Great choice with both blogs. I also make sure I don't miss Kimberley's posts.
    Take care!
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  4. Oh I like those blogs too! Good choices. My day was great today...and my new student is lovely! Have you heard the Spongebob Squarepants song Best Day Ever? It is one of my class' favorites....just in case you haven't, here is a link.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  5. You humble me. I'm pretty sure that 100 fewer followers than you is more than just a "few". :) thank you dear friend. I truly hope that you and I will have coffee some day and take a walk and go to a bookstore and laugh until we cry. xo

    First in Maine

  6. Great recommendations - what fantastic blogs! Thanks for sharing :) It's wonderful to 'spread the love'!

    Diana :)-(
    Le@rning Out Loud


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