Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Next Day...

My first graders were so happy to be reunited with their leaves today! I had them draw a scene around their leaves to make up a new story with their leaf character. They loved the book that I had written for them and asked to read it again and again!

This leaf is on the Titanic...He likes it...It hasn't hit an iceberg, yet!
We have been talking a lot about main idea and details, so I was thrilled to hear them talking to each other about the details they were putting into their pictures. The book study on "In Pictures and In Words" really gave me a new perspective on the illustration process. I used to, and still sometimes do, insist on writing first then illustrating as a reward. Because writing's goal is to express your ideas starting by getting the picture down has helped many of my authors because they can get their ideas down on paper before they have to use mysterious symbols to do it!  They use their illustrations as a springboard for their writing.
This leaf got trapped in Pharaoh's pyramid!

This leaf is a princess and is going to rescue Rapunzel!

This leaf  has the right idea! Time for coffee!!


  1. Hi Jenny,

    i thought I left you a comment yesterday, but I was at my sis's house using her computer and I was having trouble getting logged in to leave comments. I love the leaf activities! I think I will have my class do the same, I'm sure they had a blast showing everything their leaves, what fun! When my daughter was in kdg she made the cutest turkey out of leaves, but I never could figure out how to preserve it so eventually it crumbled to pieces. I love looking at all of your ideas! Keep up the great work! :D

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  2. What a super fun and cute idea! :) Have you ever read Leaf Man? We used to do that when I taught first forever ago. I haven't done it in a few year, but I may have to pull that guy out! :) Thanks for the inspiration.


    ps... we are have our first little giveaway! Feel free to stop by and enter! :)


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