Monday, October 1, 2012

Join the Party...Have a Cookie!

I'm so excited that October is here! I LOVE fall and October has so much going for it! Who doesn't love Book Fairs, birthdays, crunching leaves, cool nights, Halloween and pumpkin cookies? I'm baking these delicous little morsels right now. I'm trying to become more well rounded, so I ate a whole sheet fresh from the oven with two glasses of milk to rinse them down!

Click the picture if you want the recipe! There won't be any left at my house by the time you read this post!
I found a fun Linky tonight and thought I would join the party. I'll even bring some of my cookies along! This Flashback Linky gives you a chance to look back over some of your favorite FREEBIES and share them again. I ran into an old FREEBIE of mine while wandering through the halls at TPT. I had made these Monster games this summer, but have never used them! In fact, I'd forgotten all about them! I'm using them tomorrow in my math work stations. I hope they work! 

Part of my FREEBIE is an I Have Who Has game. When playing with a small group, I deal the cards out to 3-4 players and the winner is the first person out. It is a lot of fun, once they get the hang of it. Then they can take the game home at the end of the week to share with their family. 

Click on the picture to get your Freebie! Go check out more great freebies at the party and don't forget your dish to pass!


  1. I am loving your freebie!! Thanks for linking up!! :) BTW...that cookie looks delicious!!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming one of my newest followers! I'm excited to be one of your followers too! It was super kind of you to send me a shout out on your Facebook! Thank you very much! I look forward to sharing ideas!



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