Friday, August 21, 2015

Five for Friday

Yipee! It's time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to tell about five random things from your week. Finally, I've done something besides relaxing and reading that I can share! 


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I love these line-up numbers from Really Good Stuff! I will be using them for a lot more than just lining up! It's a life size number line for my Owlets to use to add and subtract. We can even build number sets all around these easy to apply floor stickers. See the broom in the corner? It just glided right over those numbers. Look how shiny that floor is...Wow!

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I have seen these all over Pintrest. It took me HOURS to make my own. I was so proud of my finished product, I took a picture and put it on my blog. It's ready for Meet the Teacher Night and so am I since I got these...

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I made this picture EXTRA LARGE because I wanted you to appreciate how cute these Lollipops are. I was so excited to get these for my Owlets when they come to meet me AND I have enough to give them each one for their birthday. I LOVE double duty!! Click HERE if you want to get some too!

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This has been a  highlight of my summer. I have now learned how to play Mahjong. This game takes so much concentration. I thought it would just be a matter of making matches...Ha! That's Mahjong solitaire! Here is one of the times I actually won. I'm going to miss my Mahjong friends when school starts. They will be headed to warmer parts of the globe and taking their tiles with them. I'll just have to wait until next year to play some more. 

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Here my friends is my amazing new table. I ordered two from Amazon. One was damaged on the oak side. I was told to just throw it away. They sent me two new ones to replace it. I am now the proud owner of four brand new tables for my kiddos. Goodbye desks! You won't be missed. I'm so thankful for my handy husband who gladly comes and puts all these together for me.

Come back on Monday. I'm hosting the seventh goal of a book study I've  been following on Jennifer Serravallo's The Reading Strategies Book. We're mid-way through and it isn't too late for you to join check out the schedule...

GREAT book! See you in a couple of days!!


  1. Great looking table! I have to come up with a plan for lining up. Perhaps I will check out the numbers... Have a great weekend!

  2. I think my 3rd graders could benefit from those line up numbers,!

  3. I need to do those line up numbers in my classroom! I like that you can do other things with them. I never thought of that...
    Mrs. Christy’s Leaping Loopers

  4. I'm guessing the lollipops will be a hit! :)


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