Saturday, February 22, 2014

Reading is Cool!

Igloo building is hard work! We've been building one inside and outside. I'll share pictures of our outdoor igloo if there is anything left of it after our too brief thaw! Our indoor igloo is complete and ready for use. Of course it is a magic igloo. As soon as anyone crawls inside they feel an overwhelming urge to read. Because we think reading is cool, we read ALL day on Friday. As soon as one person read a book and crawled out there was someone ready to crawl right in. By alphabetical order they were crawling in and out all day long without ever causing a disturbance to the rest of the class. Only one child needed me to haul him out after he had been in there over half an hour. Of course it was my owlet who is most likely to get lost in a book!

I can't tell you how many milk jugs we used. My counters have not completed that part of the project yet. They WILL read a book for each jug and then we'll make little igloos to take home out of marshmallows. I had some help from a youtube video...HERE! There igloo is much "neater" than mine. I had students help in the construction as much as possible and towards the end I just somehow got it finished! Looking at this picture makes me really excited to get back to school and see my owlets falling in love with reading! Stay warm!

Head HERE for a free set of "cool" bookmarks!


  1. I love that overwhelming urge to read. How wonderful that you're passing on that urge to your kids!

    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I have always wanted to create one of these cool igloos! What a great incentive to get your kids reading!

    :0) Gwen


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