Saturday, May 25, 2013

Monumental Freebie!

Dear Owlets,
Washington D.C. is monumental! There are monuments and memorials all over the place. There are also crowds everywhere. You have to wait in line for just about everything, including the bathroom. Everything is clean and the gardens are well kept and fitting for our nation's capital. I hope that you will get to travel here someday, too!

I saw more memorials than I knew existed! Here are a few that were my favorites...
My dad was in the Air Force and so is one of my favorite nieces. I'm proud of their service to our country!

This monument to MLK is amazing! Coming at it from behind, I got to see MLK emerge from the granite.
It was breath taking!

The Lincoln Memorial is a must see!

This statue honoring Rosa Parks is the newest statue in the capitol. She has
always been one of my favorite historic figures.

You have to go to this memorial to really capture the feel and the beauty of it.
It is really special. 

There is so much history all over the city. Around each corner it seemed their was another historic figure or event highlighted. I think my Owlets would like to do a research project on an historic figure. Perhaps they can use this to guide their research...
In only a couple more days and I'll be home! I've got even more pictures and adventures to share with you! I hope you are thinking about an historic character you'd like to get to know  better! I know you love research projects!

Have a memorable Memorial Day!
Mrs. Reck


  1. Some day I hope to make a visit to DC. It looks like a wonderful place to see.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I was born there! I very much want my children to see these landmarks. Great photos!!


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