Friday, January 13, 2012

It Could Have Been a Snow Day!

It could have been a snow day today.  Everyone went home from school yesterday sure that it would be.  Part of me would have liked staying in my cozy bed a few extra hours and rising to drink coffee and play with fabric and paper.  I even went to Joann's last night to make sure my craft supplies were well stocked!  No phone calls. No posts about school cancellations for MY school.
     It was a day filled with great moments.  After a week of learning how to take notes from nonfiction, we wrote our first paragraphs.  Even my lowest achieving student was able to complete the task without a tear or the words "I can't".  Their excitement at realizing they had "Paragraph Power" was unreal.  It was a day that confirmed to me that yes this is what I was meant to do.  It seemed like a good day to start posting!

     We made our chart....I'll post pictures later....with three headings:  Can, Have Are. After reading books about polar bears we would fill in new information that we learned that started with the words can, have or are.  Then, when it was time to write paragraphs, we used those same words to begin each of our supporting sentences.  Writing the opening and closing sentences was easy!  Polar bears are pretty amazing, but I like first graders even more!


  1. We have a lot in common. My theme this year are owls (little did I know that anytime anyone sees anything with owls they would buy it for me) and I am about to start nonfiction writing and it will be with polar animals. Go First Grade! Oh, and we almost had a snow day today too:)

  2. First grade is the best! No one loves their teacher like a first grader! If we had had a snow day we wouldn't be enjoying Friday night as much as we are! Thanks for reading my first blog post...I'm so excited to think someone read it!

  3. Can, Have, Are, . . . and Blend!

  4. Wow!I love you.I love Vincent vanGogh


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